Portrait by Francesco Banci

Portrait by Francesco Banci


I was born in Florence (Italy) in 1985. I’m a Professor of Photography and I work for LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti), in Firenze.

I have a BA in Visual Art, a MA in Photography and I specialized in Critical Theory and I conduct portfolio reviews on request.

I'm a photographer and my works are my attempts to reconnect with my darkest parts, the ones are worth to live for.

However, some parts are still secrets: these are the blind spots you have to fill up.


I'm open to collaboration with artists who need a critique for their work, magazines and books.

I'm also open to commercial photography: weddings, beauty, portraits, events, etc.etc. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries about my activities or for a quote.

I’m also a proud member of SEDICI, group of free-lance photographers, visual arts experts, editors and curators. The association aims to create and promote cultural events in order to expand the knowledge of photography through exchange of views, workshop, debates.

exhibitions, curatorships and awards


SCAMBI | Diventare altro 6-12/12 Tethys Gallery (FIRENZE) [curatorship]

FUNZILLA FEST: 21-23/09 selected with HERBARIUM RECORDATIONIS for this event dedicated to photozines

GUARDALO 31/08-02/09 Group Exhibition - Consorzio Santa Trinita (PRATO) with the series JULY

ULTRA | cronache inaudite 20/07 (PRATO): curatorship and editor for this event held and organized by SEDICI


STORIA DELLA FOTOGRAFIA: LA RICERCA JUNIOR IN ITALIA - A CURA DI T. SERENA, A. FRONGIA, 29/11, invited to this national seminar after a selection and made a speech about my latest research about Death and Photography.

BANDO “S’ILLUMINA” / PERIFERIE URBANE : together with SEDICI and the .con network, with the partnership of the Municipality of Prato [award]

CDPZINE Contest - Special Mention with the series “STONE”. CDPZINE Contest is part of the Castelnuovo Fotografia Fest (Rome) [award]


 “My Favorite Family Member” contest USA 2014 | Winner of the “Family Member” with the work “Of love and loss” [award]

Selected by Webgazine Clic.hé for their web Gallery 14. Focus: Nude Photography Link: http://www.clic-‐he.it/?p=5735, 2014

Prato ARTXMAS – scopri i talenti pratesi” | 2014, Prato Group Exhibition

Arezzo e Fotografia | AREZZO - 2011 Group Exhibition

LuccAutori, Scrittori e Artisti d’Italia LUCCA -  2011Group Exhibition

CITERNA FOTOGRAFIA | CITERNA - 2010 Group Exhibition



  • 2018: critical essay editor for the exhibtion SCAMBI

  • 2014-2014: editor for www.espoarte.net

  • 2016 - present: critical essay editor for SEDICI

  • Il Silenzio dell’Anima, testo critico per il lavoro fotografico di Riccardo Svelto [2016]

  • Oneiros, testo critico per il lavoro / libro fotografico “Dreaming of Japan” di Sharon Formichella [2016]

  • Espoarte N.88 (trimestre n.2), Omaggio a MARIA LAI | Leggera come una farfalla, profonda come un abisso: una jana di nome Maria [2015]

  • Specchi imperscrutabili, testo critico per libro fotografico di Riccardo Svelto febbraio [2015]

  • SEITIES, canadian magazine committed to fine-art and analogue photography, SPRING/ SUMMER edition

  • Dialoghi muti, testo critico per il libro fotografico di Jacopo Nocentini “Le due Alpi” febbraio 2014

  • L’AQUILA RIFLESSA, edito da L’Impronta, L’Aquila, 2012, as retoucher

  • PROGRESSO FOTOGRAFICO, SERIE ORO, Black and White issue, 2012, as retoucher

  • AREZZO E FOTOGRAFIA, catalogue, 2011

  • FOTO-IT Organo Ufficiale FIAF, II Biennale dei Giovani Fotografi, novembre 2010, p.18

  • Riflessioni n.18, Biennale dei Giovani Fotografi, September 2010, Fiaf, Torino, pp.32-34

  • Citerna Fotografia 2010, Festival Fotografico dell’Alta Valle Tiberina, Petruzzi Editore, 2010, p.53