This book is dedicated to my beloved grandmother Calvina, mother of my father Luciano. 
She used to be a very strong and tough woman, curious and very dynamic. 
By the time her husband Mario died, after almost 65 years together, she started to feel very sad and lonely and gradually lost her energy and lust for life. 
Then, a very bad stroke made her very confused and lost, since she felt like she had lost everything she was, like her brilliance and her strength. 
These images capture the moments, from morning till night, of one of her typical day after the loss of her husband, right before her mental and physical breakdown due to the stroke: that's when she was starting to feel very lonely and depressed, but not yet completely out of her senses. 
I miss very much the time when she started to tell me about her past, performing her stories like a world-class actress, I miss very much the time when she was able to cook, eat and use the bathroom properly. 
I regret all the times I was not there for her when she felt alone, but I'm pretty sure she can still understand how much I love her. 
Granny, this if for you. 
With all of my love,